Realtor Spotlight - Elizabeth Eversen

Realtor Spotlight - Elizabeth Eversen

Introduction to Timios

At first, realtor Elizabeth Eversen was a Timios skeptic. Over the course of her career, her sphere of influence had become refined by friends’ turned clients. These relationships were held to a certain standard of professionalism, which she did not intend to risk.

Elizabeth Eversen, Century 21 Everest

She was friends with Timios President, Joe Montag, who was insistent on using Timios. After Montag convinced one of their mutual friends to use Timios, Elizabeth realized the ease of Timios’ escrow process

After, Elizabeth was convinced Timios’ services would suit her clients’ needs best. In 2017, she made the official change to make Timios her go-to closing company.

Her mother since used Timios’ flat fee advantage on a multi-million-dollar transaction. What would have cost her mother thousands of dollars, became affordable because of Timios. Elizabeth has also used Timios in her personal life four times.

Timios’ dependability

Her clients like doing business with Timios. She says the company is responsive to her needs, and they do not take advantage of her clients with unnecessary fees. After she began using Timios, she refused an offer from a competing escrow firm in the name of better business practices.

“It’s not about the money,” Elizabeth said. “It’s about my clients who trust me to look out for them. Timios is an amazing partner in doing that because the service is so good.”

Elizabeth has worked closely with Timios employees, Annie, Branch Manager, and Marlene, Escrow Officer, in the Camarillo location.

“Annie and Marlene get back to me so quickly,” Elizabeth said. “They’re reliable, and I don’t have to chase down answers.”

Timios fulfills Elizabeth’s promise to clients

Elizabeth stays busy throughout the year with her real estate transactions. Her client’s experience is important to her. This takes priority over earning potential she has been offered.

“My reputation is on the line,” Elizabeth said. “My top priority is that I need an escrow company who works as hard as I do.”

Elizabeth has been in real estate for nine years. She currently works at Century 21 Everest, out of Camarillo and neighboring cities in Ventura County.

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