Austin Knisley: Timios Notary of the Month

Austin Knisley: Timios Notary of the Month

When did you become a Notary?


Austin is Timios’ featured notary for the month of May. He is one of the company’s top notaries and has been a notary with Timios for over one year. Many of his signings cover the Orange County area.

He brings a positive attitude into every signing. Austin stated, he never knows what is going to happen when he visits a signer’s home, so the best decision for him is to be friendly and let the signer know he is there to help them.

It is not just his friendliness that makes signing with him great, but his professional experience in the lending industry. Austin works as a loan officer for Guarantor Mortgage company. In 2000, he began in escrow and title, where he changed careers as a lender, and now currently serves as a loan officer.

When Guarantor Mortgage and Timios began working together, he became familiar with Timios and applied as a notary.

He also has 15 years of notary experience. This experience in the real estate industry gives him a competitive edge. During signings, if the signing party is confused, he can answer their questions that are relevant to the lending and notary process.

Why Timios?

Austin has enjoyed working as a notary for Timios because of the efficiency the company provides to their agents. At different signings, he has found getting access to documents tiresome. Timios gives notaries access to documents through the Timios app, where they can download the documents and print efficiently.

He loves that Timios has this option for notaries.

After his day job, Austin will start his signings for Timios in the evening. And when Timios needs him to make a directional change, he is always up for the challenge.

Notary Tips

He has two recommendations for notaries who would like to grow their signing business:

First, he recommends taking a loan document signing agent class. From his own experience, the class will help familiarize notaries with the documents they will be dealing with on a regular basis, wherever their signing is.

His second recommendation is to connect with other notaries. When making professional connections, request to shadow their signings before you attend your own first.

Austin shadowed three different signings when he first became a certified notary. It provided him with the opportunity to familiarize himself with the process a signing agent undergoes when they meet the signer(s).

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