COVID-19 Information

Over the past few weeks, we've all experienced uncertainty surrounding Coronavirus (COVID-19). During these unprecedented times, we want to provide you with assurances that Timios is fully prepared and committed to serve your business needs—without interruption and with the same quality of service that you've come to know and expect from us.

In order to provide the safest work environment possible, we have been monitoring health and safety guidance issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and implementing internal guidelines to ensure the health of our employees. Timios has implemented our Pandemic Plan, and the vast majority of our team members are working remotely. We will continue to adapt as new information becomes available.

For our clients, Timios is working tirelessly with our underwriting partners and vendors to provide safe, uninterrupted service to you and your borrowers. Timios is aware that many county recorder offices have closed and re-opened over the past several days. To prevent any delays for our clients, Timios has secured approval from our underwriters to continue closing loans in counties where the recorder office is closed. Regarding the safety of the consumer, Timios is sending a notice to every signing agent and appraiser on each order. Timios is asking our vendors to self-report if they have been overseas the past two weeks, are showing symptoms associated with the Coronavirus, or have been in contact with anyone over the past two weeks who has been diagnosed with the Coronavirus. Further, we are recommending to our vendors that they postpone a signing or appraisal assignment if they are concerned about symptoms that a borrower may be exhibiting.

Lastly, we encourage anyone who wishes to know more about our response to the Coronavirus pandemic to reach out by submitting an inquiry to

To view Timios Vendor Pandemic Policy and Procedures, please click here.